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Product Support Survey 2015 Part 3: Engines

 - October 1, 2015, 6:00 AM
Last year Rolls-Royce and Williams shared top honors among engine manufacturers in AIN’s annual product-support survey, each earning an overall average score of 8.0. This year, both companies improved on last year’s score but Williams (with an overall average score of 8.3) out-climbed Rolls-Royce (8.1) and stands alone at the summit.

The engines are just one of many systems on a business aircraft that can turn a multimillion-dollar transportation tool into a hangar ornament if they misbehave. And more than most of those other systems, their continued good behavior is crucial if the airplane is to serve its occupants safely and reliably. In this, the third and final element of AIN's 2015 Product Support Survey, our readers hand down their verdicts on how well the engine manufacturers take care of them. Those companies, in turn, also get their chance to crow about the top-notch job they think they are doing. But only one jet maker and one turboprop maker get to enjoy (briefly, before redoubling their efforts to retain the lead) the vindication of knowing that they actually are providing the best support in all of business aviation.

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