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FlightSafety Adds G280 Simulator, More G450 Training

 - October 9, 2017, 4:00 PM
FSI’s third G280 sim will enter service at the Savannah center next March.

FlightSafety International (Booth N5116) will install its third full-flight simulator for the Gulfstream G280 at its Learning Center in Savannah, Georgia, the company has announced. The simulator is set to enter service in March 2018. The first two simulators for the Gulfstream G280 are at FlightSafety’s Learning Center in Dallas.

The G280 simulator will feature a FlightSafety CrewView collimated glass mirror display. “This innovative new display will provide Gulfstream G280 pilots with an enhanced training experience that contributes to the realism FlightSafety’s FS1000 simulators deliver,” said David Davenport, executive vice president, commercial.

CrewView offers “distortion-free optical performance with greater clarity, sharpness and brightness for unprecedented simulation training fidelity,” according to FlightSafety. “The glass technology provides a true spherical shape for exact geometry across the entire viewing area, which eliminates the inherent distortion found in soft-film display systems.”

The simulator will also feature FlightSafety’s VITAL 1100 visual system, which the company said “significantly enhances training by providing highly detailed mission-specific imagery with enhanced scene content and exceptional environmental effects. This includes continuous time of day, night, dawn/dusk and a comprehensive set of physics-based weather features that give crewmembers the necessary cues to train for virtually any altitude and position.”

The simulator will be equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion-based Gulfstream PlaneView 280 avionics suite and a head-up guidance HUD with enhanced vision system; dual flight management system with LPV and RNP capabilities; and Integrated Flight Information System.

FlightSafety—which has been the factory-authorized training organization for Gulfstream Aerospace for more than four decades—has also announced that it will offer training for the Gulfstream G450 at its Learning Center in Wilmington, Delaware. The training will begin in the first quarter of 2018, following the installation and Level-D qualification of the simulator.

The G450 simulator is one of two now at FlightSafety’s Savannah Learning Center. It will undergo upgrades and modifications, including the installation of a VITAL 1100 visual system.

The Wilmington Center offers FlightSafety’s advanced training courses for Gulfstream aircraft, including Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery, Advanced Energy Management, Advanced Rejected Takeoff Go/No-Go and Advanced Crew Resource Management/Human Factors Line Oriented Flight Training. The center is equipped with 15 full-flight simulators for Astra, Bombardier, Dassault, Textron, Gulfstream and Westwind jets.