NBAA Convention News

Cactus Aero First Aid Kit Debuts at NBAA

 - October 12, 2017, 11:11 AM

Cactus Aero (Booth N3716) introduced its Voyager Mobile Telemedicine kit for private aviation at the NBAA convention. The medical communication system measures a patient’s vital signs and transmits them in real time through audio, chat and video. The one-touch method measures EGG 12-lead, pulse oximetry, temperature, blood pressure and glucose levels.

The wireless system uses existing onboard Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite or radio links to the Internet. It can also be used via a built-in cellular radio, any Wi-Fi-connected satellite system or the Inmarsat iSathub for remote areas. Depending on the network connection speed, the Voyager can be used for audio, video and chat sessions.

“I have tested it myself on a Boeing 777 and it showed that at 200 kilobits you are getting excellent audio/video,” said Zarful Mannan, president of Voyager Mobile Telemedicine and former America West Airlines director of engineering. Voyager Mobile Telemedicine is an Arizona-based company that specializes in connected aircraft services.

The customizable Voyager standard system kit sells for $5,000 and is built to be upgraded.

Companies that have shown interest range from Air Tahiti Nui, Rockwell Colins and Thales. Mannan has been invited to present during the Inmarsat World Conference 2017.


Please note that our company is CACTUS AERO, booth N5504. We specialize in "Connected aircraft Technologies". VOYAGER Mobile Telemedicine is our latest product which offers live video, audio and text consulting with as well as live vital signs data transfer to a Medical Service or Doctor on the ground in case of on board medical emergencies.