MEBAA Convention News

Argos Gives Bizav an Italian Welcome

 - December 12, 2018, 1:00 AM

Italy’s Argos VIP Private Handling is showcasing at MEBAA 2018 its network of 14 facilities and the service it provides at each. The nation’s largest chain, its FBOs span the length of the country, from Palermo in the south to Venice and Treviso in the north, and include Rome, Milan, Naples, and Cagliari. 

Argos (Booth 684) can provide flight support services including short-time permits, slots, overflight, visas, and customs procedures assistance. The company can also coordinate with any local provider to arrange handling, fuel, catering, transportation, hotels, and other customer needs, ensuring seamless service even if using other airports along the route. Argos also supports international civil aviation authority accreditation for customers requiring such approval. 

Placing a special emphasis on catering, the company views onboard dining as “an essential aspect of a successful flight,” and in addition to ensuring the quality of the food, observes strict rules on hygiene and supplier traceability, as its hazard analysis and critical control points certification attests.

Led by CEO Loris di Filippo, the company credits its growth to experience combined with complex research on innovation. For example, Argos utilizes the FlyUp platform to provide transparent accounting, creating and updating invoices in real time from request until payment. FlyUp also provides fast confirmation of services required, including ground transportation, fuel, hotels, and catering, along with calculated price quotations.