Fireside Launches New Emergency Response Program

 - November 3, 2020, 11:55 AM

Fireside Partners has launched a new emergency response program that it said progressively enhances critical decision-making skills and advances emergency preparedness and response. This “tactical roadmap” to recovery comprises four stages.

Stage one of the program serves to develop the foundation to respond to an emergency, while stage two calls for integrating a company’s emergency and business continuity plans. The training of a company’s emergency response team with interactive curriculum and experiential scenarios is the third stage, and the fourth encompasses continuous improvement and after-action evaluations.

“From our customer’s perspective, whatever they thought it meant to be prepared prior to the year 2020 certainly changed as the year evolved,” said Fireside president and CEO Don Chupp. “A global pandemic, civil unrest, massive wildfires, hurricanes, and other emergencies present a need to respond to multiple, cascading events simultaneously. The most effective organizations, businesses, and niche operations take their responsibility to be prepared and effective very seriously.”