Aerion Teams with Spire Global on Boomless Cruise

 - November 23, 2020, 9:49 AM

Aerion Supersonic has partnered with space-to-cloud global data and analytics provider Spire Global on weather information that will play an integral role in the former company’s “Boomless Cruise” technology for its Mach 1.4 AS2 business jet.

Aerion is designing the AS2 to be capable of flying at supersonic speeds over land without delivering a perceived sonic boom to the ground. To achieve that objective, Aerion will use Spire’s weather data and forecasting capabilities to optimize AS2 flight plans to limit the extent of the sonic boom. In addition, the Spire technology will facilitate a reduction in unwanted high-altitude contrails, Aerion said.

Spire, which uses a proprietary constellation of satellites to develop high-fidelity weather tracking and prediction, will provide vertical weather model support services, including short- and medium-range forecasting capabilities, along with historical weather forecasts. These forecasts will provide a basis for Aerion’s Boomless Cruise system that will calculate optimized en route flight planning to establish Mach cutoff thresholds for eliminating sonic boom noise heard on the ground.

“Our partnership with Spire Global brings together the power of our two innovative companies to truly transform global mobility,” said Aerion chairman, president, and CEO Tom Vice. “We are deeply committed to our beliefs that new innovations must be kind to our planet and responsibly address the issues of noise and the impact of emissions on climate change.”