New SkyNet System Aims To Prevent Wrong Landings

 - March 16, 2021, 10:53 AM

SkyNet Aviation has developed an artificial-intelligence-enabled, ground-based system designed to prevent around-the-clock wrong deck landings (WDL) and wrong surface landings (WSL). SkyNet’s Reach LASAW (landing, approach, surveillance, warning) is aimed at heliport and airport operators and detects any aircraft in a landing configuration, tracks its approach, and automatically triggers a series of alarms in the instance of potential WDLs and WSLs.

Using ground-based ADS-B, the system accesses position updates broadcast from aircraft up to twice per second, offering position and high-speed computing algorithms to determine if a potential landing conflict is likely, according to the Brisbane, Australia aviation technology company. It can monitor up to 500 aircraft, has a detection range of up to 260 nm, and delivers a pre-landing notification at 10 nm.

“This is a real industry gamechanger,” said SkyNet founder and CEO Jon Davis. “LASAW will have a major impact on the prevention of this very significant safety issue.”