Papua New Guinea Airnav Provider Taps Aireon ADS-B

 - April 1, 2021, 11:53 AM

NiuSky Pacific Limited (NSPL) has started using Aireon’s space-based ADS-B in a bid to enhance its ground-based air traffic surveillance technology in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Aireon announced this week. Ground-based surveillance is hampered by PNG's mountainous terrain, inclement weather, and extensive oceanic airspace.

Aireon’s service now covers the entirety of NSPL’s Port Moresby Flight Information Region (FIR) that is bordered by the Brisbane FIR and managed by Airservices Australia; the Oakland Oceanic FIR, managed by the FAA; and Ujung Pandang FIR, managed by AirNav Indonesia.

In the next six months, NSPL also will phase out dedicated telecommunication lines to receive ADS-B messages and instead use the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Asia-Pacific Common Regional Virtual Private Network, becoming the first air navigation service provider to transmit and receive air traffic surveillance data, flight plan information, and voice transmission through the network.

“By having complete, real-time air traffic surveillance into our airspace, we are doing an overhaul of our safety and operational policies and procedures,” said NSPL CEO and managing director Ted Pakii. “This data has been welcomed by our air traffic controllers, with minimal integration requirements. Space-based ADS-B has really allowed us to usher in next-generation technology in our remote region.”

To ensure reliable detection by Aireon's ADS-B transceivers, which are installed in Iridium's Next satellites, aircraft must be equipped with top- and bottom-fuselage-mounted ADS-B antennas. All aircraft flying in PNG airspace must be ADS-B Out-equipped after June 17, 2021.