Outfitted Gulfstream G700 Joins Flight-test Program

 - April 16, 2021, 9:56 AM
The latest Gulfstream G700 to enter the flight test program features a fully outfitted cabin. As the program moves towards certification, it will be stringently tested to ensure it meets customer expectations for functional reliability and comfort. (Photo: Gulfstream)

The sixth and final test aircraft in Gulfstream’s G700 program made its first flight yesterday from the company's headquarters in Savannah, Georgia. The fully-outfitted aircraft flew for more than three and a half hours, reaching an altitude of 48,000 feet and a top speed of Mach 0.935.

This aircraft—the first to have a production interior—will be put through a test regimen that will include more than 15,500 test points, examining and validating every cabin function to ensure reliability and customer comfort upon delivery. It has been fitted with Gulfstream’s new “ultra galley,” which features more than 10 feet of counter space, a dedicated crew rest space, a six-seat conference and dining area, and a stateroom with a full-length wardrobe. Further, the twinjet features the OEM’s ultra-high-definition circadian lighting system, 100 percent fresh cabin air, low cabin altitude, and whisper-quiet noise levels.

“Flying a fully outfitted aircraft signifies significant progress in the G700 flight-test program,” noted company president Mark Burns, adding the aircraft “provides more space than ever before for Gulfstream’s precision-crafted furnishings, more opportunity for personalization, and more technology to optimize passenger health, safety, and enjoyment.”