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L’VOYAGE Expands with New Shareholder and New Plans

 - May 24, 2021, 9:30 AM

AIN caught up with Hong Kong-based charter consultancy L’VOYAGE's new shareholder and CEO, Jolie Howard, to discuss its recent announcement of a strategic expansion. Howard has been in the business and general aviation industry in Asia for more than 20 years, spending the last five as CEO of TAG Aviation Asia before joining L’Voyage.

According to Howard, L’VOYAGE is well positioned to serve the expected influx of new customers in the post-Covid market. “We are investing in new technologies—including proprietary software solutions that would augment our services—so that we can lead in providing safe, transparent, legal, and sound charter services," she said.

Howard noted that a growing number of prospective customers are considering or already using business jets due to their safety and health advantages over airlines, especially during a pandemic. “At the moment, our charters are mainly essential, one-way travels," she said. "On occasion, however, we are seeing a demand with immigration flights to Europe, as well as requirements such as the need for passengers and pets to travel together. We expect to see an increase of charter requests for personal, leisure flights, as well as for essential business trips as borders begin to open up in the coming months."

L’VOYAGE has been focusing on building its team and enhancing its product offerings, he noted. “We are launching our membership programs where members are able to enjoy many more benefits from discounted charter flights and exclusive access to luxury hotels, villas, private islands, and cruises, as well as tailored arrangements and other concierge services,” said Howard.

The company is also partnering with suppliers to support its clients’ intercontinental travel needs. “In the long term, in addition to expanding our customer base and market share, we aim to continue to significantly improve clients' booking and interfacing experience by investing more in technology,” she added.

L’VOYAGE founder Diana Chou shared her vision for this expansion, saying, “This strategic union and expansion augment the company's strength and growth in scaling the business to the next evolution. As partners, Jolie and I have seen and built the industry firsthand through our mutual long-term confidence in the market.

"Jolie's corporate expertise and experience complement and enhance the fundamentally bespoke and boutique elements of L'Voyage. With every crisis comes opportunity, and L'Voyage is poised to lead and transform the industry in the post-Covid environment," she concluded.