MyGoFlight Designs 'Never Obsolete' USB Charger

 - June 30, 2021, 12:10 PM

At the Aircraft Electronics Association convention last week, MyGoFlight introduced a new concept for USB chargers: the InfinityPower series with a permanent panel-mount fixture and a replaceable USB module.

Because technology changes so rapidly, aircraft owners and operators might have to replace an installed USB charger with a new type when the connector design is updated. “Unfortunately, the time and cost it takes to reopen a panel, remove the previous unit, and install another is both time consuming and costly,” said MyGoFlight CEO Charles Schneider. “This leads to slow adoption of new power solutions.”

The InfinityPower USB chargers consist of a Power Base module that is installed in the aircraft and a USB insert module that simply twists into the base module by hand. The USB module can easily be replaced with new modules carrying different connectors, without removal of the base module. The Power Base module can be installed in instrument panels, galleys, or in-cabin seats and fixtures, and it displays power input and amps used by connected devices.

MyGoFlight expects TSO approval of the InfinityPower USB chargers later this year, with deliveries beginning in the first quarter of 2022. The base module and insert module will each retail for $175, with introductory prices set at $150.