NBAA's Brown Joins, McGraw and Hennig Reappointed to ASAC

 - August 10, 2021, 12:14 PM

The Transportation Security Administration renewed the membership of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC) with administrator David Pekoske either appointing or reappointing a number of representatives from across the aviation industry to discuss and develop security recommendations. Now at 33 members, ASAC was initially established after the 1988 bombing of Pan American World Airways Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and had convened on and off since then but was made a permanent entity through a 2014 congressional mandate.

“Recruiting and retaining key thought leaders in aviation security is critical to the creation of a thoughtful, productive ASAC,” said Pekoske. “I am confident that this group of stakeholders will foster fruitful discussions that beget creative solutions and will enhance transportation security around the world.”

The committee can have up to 34 members from 19 industry categories. Appointments usually involve two-year terms but are staggered to ensure continuity. New to the committee from the business and general aviation community is NBAA COO Steve Brown, while NATA v-p of regulatory affairs John McGraw and GAMA v-p of operations Jens Hennig are reappointments. Joe Dalton, who is director of security for NATA Compliance Services, also remains on the committee. ASAC is scheduled to meet next in a closed session on September 8 and a public meeting on December 7.

“ASAC serves a critical need for stakeholders to advise the TSA Administrator and the Secretary of Homeland Security of current and emerging aviation security issues. It is crucial that the voice of aviation business is heard in the development of aviation security policy,” McGraw said.

“Risks and threats to achieving our goals are always present, and our work with TSA and the broader government will strengthen the aviation community’s ability to continuously improve and adapt to this evolving environment,” Brown added.