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Jet Aviation Buffs Prepurchase Inspection Program

 - October 13, 2021, 11:42 AM

In direct response to customer demand, Jet Aviation announced Tuesday at NBAA-BACE an expansion of its Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) program, now to include optional customized documentation reviews conducted by the Swiss company’s newly established PPI documentation review team. “Timing is critical to used aircraft transactions,” explained Stefan Verkaik, Jet Aviation director of aftermarket services & AOG.

Said Stefan Benz, Jet Aviation’s senior vice-president of regional operations for EMEA. “As a neutral party to these transactions, we are proud to extend our professional expertise to help customers make informed decisions regarding the true value of aircraft in the market.”

Jet Aviation said the demand for PPIs is “for aircraft of all OEMs and a range of...types." The expansion will expedite customized qualitative reports on request, and reduce turn-around times in “this fast-moving market," it added. 

PPIs, performed to provide assurance of an aircraft’s airworthiness, typically include a thorough documentation review to evaluate the history and technical status of the aircraft, as well as a physical inspection of the aircraft to assess its condition and ensure proper functioning. 

“PPIs can identify possible anomalies that may not be evident to an untrained eye, and customers appreciate our experience, expertise, and flexibility,” said Marc Kuehni, senior director of program management for Jet Aviation Basel. “They often come back to us following purchase of their aircraft for refurbishments, modification, and upgrades services."

Kuehni noted two recent PPIs on large-cabin aircraft “led to major interior refurbishments coupled with exterior paint.” Jet Aviation (Booth 3737) operates a network of MRO facilities in Basel, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Vienna.