NBAA Advises Operators on EASA Enviro Registry Mandate

 - November 22, 2021, 9:17 AM

NBAA is warning that the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) environmental registration deadline is upcoming at the end of December for operators of aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 34,000 kg (75,000 pounds) or more or 19 or more passenger seats. This affects both Part 91 and 135 operators that fly into EU airports, even though those in the latter category are already submitting environmental information through the third-country operator (TCO) portal. “EU/EEA and foreign registered aircraft must all sign up for the database,” said Brian Koester, NBAA director of flight operations and regulations.

“This may seem like a redundant requirement for Part 135 operators, which already submit similar data through the TCO portal,” Koester added. “Unfortunately, EASA was tasked by the European Commission to establish this registry and collect the mandated data separately.”

NBAA was told that while many TCOs have already complied, some are still outstanding with time running short in the face of the December 31 directive.

EASA is providing two options for documentation: furnishing a stand-alone noise certificate issued by the state of registry that indicates configuration details, registration marks, and noise data; or pages from the aircraft flight manual/aircraft operating manual (AFM/AOM) providing aircraft information, including serial number, engine designation, maximum takeoff and landing weight, certificate of airworthiness, and stage/noise certificate levels.

Since the FAA does not issue stand-alone noise certificates, operators of U.S.-registered aircraft should plan to comply with the AFM/AOM option and maintain the information and documentation on board in the event of a ramp inspection, NBAA advised. EASA prefers registration via email.