Instajet Offers Route Card for Frequent Travelers

 - November 29, 2021, 12:44 PM

Jet card provider Instajet has introduced the Route Card, which claims to offer industry-best pricing on city pairs for frequent travelers between the top 15 business aviation airports in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. Features of the Route Card include guaranteed pricing for a year’s subscription and no blackout periods, no large fund deposits, and no limits on the number of flights that can be taken at the card’s prices.

An annual subscription costs €10,000 ($11,268.40) annually or €1,000 ($1,126.84) monthly. London-based Instajet expects to add more city pairs to the Route Card, including for U.S. domestic routes in January.

“With our Route Card, we are bringing the market back to the core principle upon which we established the jet card: to provide frequent travelers with easy access to a range of quality private jets for their regular routes,” said Instajet founder and CEO Nick Davis. “Our aim is to free our customers from the delays, disruptions, and terms and conditions that are currently making private flying the antithesis of what it should be.”