Sun Air Jets Self-certifies as NATA Green Business

 - December 17, 2021, 11:17 AM
Sun Air Jets operates a Signature Select member FBO at Camarillo Airport in California. (Photo: Sun Air Jets)

Charter and FBO operator Sun Air Jets has certified its Signature Select member FBO at Camarillo Airport in California as a Green Aviation Business with Tier 1 status under the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) new Sustainability Standard for Business Aviation. The new sustainability initiative was developed by a working group in NATA’s environmental committee to provide FBOs, airports, and other aviation businesses with a self-certification process for cost-effective, carbon-lowering options.

The program encourages the use of more environmentally friendly energy sources, reduction of waste, and promotes sustainability across an entire operation. “NATA is grateful to Sun Air Jets for their input in developing the standard and leadership as an early adopter,” said NATA president and CEO Timothy Obitts. “It is inspiring to see our members’ enthusiasm for meeting the requirements of this sustainability standard and then raising the bar even higher for greater improvement.”

Sun Air Jets business development director Mary Brehm said the company’s goal is to increase its sustainability efforts to allow it to achieve the higher Tier 2 status at its next renewal. Besides Camarillo, Sun Air operates a base at Van Nuys Airport where it recently constructed two green-certified hangars for use by managed aircraft clients.