CrewBlast Rolls Out Subscription Service for Operators

 - August 18, 2022, 9:58 PM

CrewBlast—an app-based aircraft staffing company that launched last year—is adding to its product portfolio with a subscription-based membership service that will provide operators with unlimited access for their crew needs.

The service moves away from a traditional staffing model under which operators would pay a fee based on the cost of the crew retained. Instead, operators pay a flat monthly cost. “For operators that have regular staffing needs throughout the month, our subscription will be far more cost-effective than the percentage-based model that most agencies use,” said CrewBlast president Timothy Griffin.

Subscribers will have the ability to send required documentation directly to crewmembers and will have access to a dedicated online portal where they can track their active crew “blast” requests and manage crewmember applications. “With our membership program we are really hoping to take aircraft staffing into the 21st century for operators around the world,” said Griffin. “It’s not just about saving cost but about operating more efficiently.”

Through the CrewBlast app, operators can send out notifications of staffing needs, providing available qualified crew the opportunity to respond within minutes. CrewBlast said it has experienced rapid growth as operators try to keep pace with demand.