Brisbane First Aussie Airport with Electronic Refueler

 - August 30, 2022, 12:47 PM

Air bp has introduced an all-electric refueling truck for customers lifting jet-A1 at Brisbane Airport (YBBN) in Australia. The refueler uses Lithium-ion batteries and digital charging mechanisms, making it the first all-electric hazardous goods vehicle and refueler approved for use in Australia.

It can carry approximately 16,000 liters (4,227 gallons) of fuel and is able to operate for a full day after an overnight charge. According to Air bp, the electric refueler will reduce its operation and maintenance costs versus trucks that run on diesel.

The vehicle was manufactured in partnership with electronic power systems provider SEA Electric and Refuel International, which manufactures and supplies specialized refueling vehicles, equipment, and support services to the aviation industry.

This announcement builds on Air bp’s experience in launching the world’s first electric refueler in 2002 at Long Beach, California, and its introduction of the first generation of electric hydrant dispensers at Brisbane airport in 2005. Similar electric hydrants are still in operation at Australia’s Darwin and Perth airports.

Air bp said it intends to introduce the all-electronic refueler at other airports where it has a presence.