Cirrus Announces 2022 G6 SR-series Improvements

 - January 14, 2022, 12:52 PM

Cirrus Aircraft announced its 2022 G6 SR-series model improvements at its Cirrus CX customer experience convention in Knoxville, Tennessee, earlier this week. The updated lineup—which includes the piston single SR20, SR22 and SR22T—includes several aerodynamic features such as sleeker wing and tail surfaces that increase true airspeeds by up to nine knots. Other new features include illuminated steps, remote baggage compartment unlock capability and keyless entry, and multifunctional device charging panel with USB-A/C ports.

The company also released updates to its Cirrus IQ app, including a “maintenance minder” tab for tracking inspection events, a My Trip module logging the statistics of every flight (to be available next month), and a warranty section.

Company officials estimate delivery of more than 500 SR-series aircraft this year after an 80 percent increase in net orders in 2021. According to Cirrus president Zean Nielsen, the company now has an order backlog of approximately 700 SR-series pistons and “several hundred” SF50 Vision Jets. Approximately 39 percent of the order intake last year were from customers who were new to aviation.