Oct 24, 2017

Preview Tour of Textron Aviation’s Citation Hemisphere Large-cabin Business Jet

At the recent NBAA show in Las Vegas, Textron Aviation opened the order book for its new $35 million dollar flagship Cessna Citation Hemisphere business jet, the company’s first entry into the large-cabin segment. A cabin mockup shows what can be done with the 102-inch wide fuselage, which has 43 feet of length between the aft end of the cockpit to the rear bulkhead in the in-flight accessible baggage compartment.

Christi Tannahill, Textron Aviation Senior V-P of Interior Design and Engineering, gave AIN a tour of the mockup.

The twinjet will be powered by the Safran Silvercrest turbofan, and Honeywell will supply its Primus Epic avionics suite. In addition, the fly-by-wire jet will incorporate active-control sidesticks. The Hemisphere’s first flight is planned for 2019, followed by entry into service in 2020.

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